Student Ambassadors

The MedConnect Conference and its team are also offering an opportunity for high school students in Grades 11 and 12 interested in gaining leadership and volunteer experience working as a valued Student Ambassador for MedConnect. We know how valuable these experiences can be, and are offering an unparalleled chance for our student ambassadors to grow as leaders on the day of our event. Student Ambassadors will be volunteering for the MedConnect Conference 2019, for a single-day event position.

Some of the work Student Ambassadors will be doing includes:

  • assisting in event coordination and planning on the day of, contributing ideas and time
  • serving as the liaison between your local high school and the MedConnect Board of Directors
  • leading event attendees on the day of the event, answering questions
  • assisting in event setup, registrations, and event take down
  • assisting in workshop hosting, organization, and presentation
  • and more tasks, under supervision by the MedConnect Directors

All student ambassadors will be receiving an orientation package and will be receiving an in-person orientation from the MedConnect Directors at SFU Burnaby 2 weeks prior to the event. Student Ambassadors are expected to arrive by 8:30am, on the day of the event, wearing business casual attire with comfortable footwear.

We are expecting ambassadors to be actively performing their duties from arrival at 8:30am until after lunch, at 2:00pm. After which, they will be debriefed and are welcome to stay at MedConnect and enjoy the rest of the event. We highly recommend student ambassadors plan to stay for the whole event, as they can get more out of the event than just the volunteer experience, especially if they are considering a career in medicine.

As these positions are of high responsibility, and high reward at the same time, we have a short application. Applications are open and will close on October 24th at 6:00pm. We have ~9 positions available, and those selected will be emailed by Tuesday, October 30th at 1:00 PM. All applicants must also be physically available to attend training on November 3rd or 4th (exact details TBD) at SFU Burnaby Campus.


Applicants will be evaluated individually by our Event Directors, based purely on the merit of their responses to our application prompts. No priority is given to specific schools or individual groups.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can email the event team at TeamMedConnect@gmail.com