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2019 Lectures

Creating a Stand Out Application – Veronika Zaytseva

Explore how to stand out in the pool of straight A students who want to get into medical schools just like you. Don’t just blindly follow and fit into the admission requirements imposed on you by the selection committee at your preferred medical school. But rather take those requirements, understand, use and hack them. Turn the tables around in your favour. It’s time to showcase your awesomeness and emotional intelligence not only through academic achievements but through humane touchpoints. By strengthening and enhancing your personal brand. We will take the things you care the most about, value deeply and use them to help you authentically express what makes you the best candidate for your medical school of choice and even life. Come, join me for this keynote. I promise you will leave confident in yourself and excited to act!

Introduction to Forensic Pathology – Dr. Matthew Orde

This presentation will provide an introduction to forensic pathology and its role in contemporary death investigation.  In his talk, Matthew will discuss the role of the coroner and pathologist, and, with the use of real-life (or should that be real-death?) examples, will lead the audience through the steps required to answer the questions “Who?”, “When?”, “Where?”, and “How?”

Note: please be advised that actual case photographs will be used to demonstrate certain aspects of the death investigation process, and some people might find these images distressing.

Pathway to Medicine – Vanessa Kelly and Nick Gauthier

Pathway to Medicine is a lecture designed to educate attendees on the steps involved in the journey that is pursuing a medical career. Topics will involve: planning your undergraduate studies, volunteering and extracurriculars, the medical school application timeline, and more.

Things I Wish I Knew as a PreMed – Dr. April Lu

Do you think you know all there is to know about being a pre-medical student? Do you have your whole life planned out for the next 10 years? You might want to think again and hear the perspective of an SFU and Phi Delta Epsilon alumni, and graduate of the 2016 class of UBC Medicine. Dr. April Lu, a family medicine physician currently practicing in Vancouver, is going to share all about the things that she wish she knew as a pre-medical student. Hindsight is 20:20, so they say. So grab a seat and learn from someone who’s been through it all about what you really need to know as a pre-med.

The Future of Family Medicine in British Columbia – Dr. Baldev Sanghera

At the forefront of new organizational strategies and family medicine
solutions in Burnaby, Dr. Sanghera will present the current
challenges that family doctors face and how we may look to unique
and collaborative solutions for the future.