2019 Hands On Workshops

Professional training is required to perform these skills. These workshops are meant to provide you with a snapshot of a skill involved in the medical field. Enjoy!

Subcutaneous Injections

Join this workshop to learn about the skill of subcutaneous injections. Learn about the equipment, administration and best practice. Demonstrate this skill and practice on an orange.


Come to this workshop and learn about the technique of suturing. Discuss wound healing, suture material, instruments and techniques. Learn the simple interrupted suture and have fun practicing this suture on a banana.

Basic Emergency Response and Bystander CPR

What to do in and how to Prepare for Emergency Situations.

Application Workshops

MCAT Challenge: Physical Foundations
A challenge based on physics and chemistry principles. Join our crack team of physics nerds on a journey into the mysteries of our physical existence.

MCAT Challenge: Biological Foundations
A challenge based on biological and biochemical principles. Join our ever fun cabal of Biology fanatics as they challenge you on the wonders of life. Warning: the wonders of life may involve handling maggots.

Medical Challenge
Join an interactive challenge to solve a medical case study through mock medical testing and decision making. Attendees will have the opportunity to feel the challenge and ambiguity in working with human disease while using their critical analysis and reasoning skills to find the right treatment plan for a fictional patient.

If you are a returning attendee, please be advised that the Medical Challenge is the same content as 2018.

MCAT Challenge: Psychology Foundations
A Challenge based on psychology and sociology principles. Join our circle of mind benders as they engage you on human behaviour and organization. No couch reqired.

MCAT Challenge: Critical Analysis
A challenge based on the (dreaded) CARS section. Join our group of critical over thinkers as they give you a gentle push into sleepless nights pondering exactly what THAT meant.